If you, like us, are a very casual Rainbow Six Siege player who only boots up the game on rare occasions, now is the time to do so again as a new event gives free access to all operators.

The Road to Six Invitational 2020 event, as the name suggests, is centred around the esports tournament for the game which kicked off recently.

As filthy casuals who don’t play, or spend, enough to unlock the new operators which have been released over the years, this event offers us a chance to jump back in and gives things a go for minimal investment.

Of course, there is a bundle of things to do for the more dedicated player base which has kept Rainbow Six Siege going since its rocky launch back in 2015.

There is, as expected for most live service titles, a battlepass. This one is 35 tiers and unlocks exclusive cosmetic items. 30% of the revenue generated from this battlepass will also be contributed to the prize pool of the Six Invitational.

A new map – Stadium – is available which applies ranked match rules to unranked games. This is another great boon for players with less time in the game as they can get a taste of competitive matches with less pressure to perform and no impact on their ranking.

The full details of the Road to Six Invitational 2020 event are available both in the trailer embed below as well as the official Rainbow Six Siege website.

This event is active right now and will run until 16th February, giving everyone a month to get through all the content.

If you get bit by the Siege bug again after playing in this event, you may also want to take advantage of the 40 percent off sale for the year 4 Pass. This is only available until 20th January, so the bug will need to get to you fast.