With a new Metroid game rumoured for later this year it’s about time to return to the series in the maker community, which is what we’ll be doing today with this 1:1 recreation of the Paralyzer.

This project is the work of Charlie Walker who goes by opterxyprops online. This talented maker is creating an arsenal of Metroid weapons, but we’re looking at the Paralyzer today as you can make your own thanks to Walker uploading the files to Thingiverse.

Those files started life in Fusion 360 using this profile art work of the pistol as the main reference. Only four hours of work was needed here to make something accurate to the games.

After preparing the files in Cura, the printing itself took around 40 hours to complete. While this may sound high for something that isn’t a ridiculous hand cannon, the Paralyzer is deceptively large at 30 X 18 X 4.5 centimetres once assembled.

That assembly was done with a combination of wood and super glues. The prerequisite sanding started with 80 grit before moving to 220, and plaster filler shored up the larger gaps before also being sanded. Smaller gaps were attended to with multiple coats of filler primer.

For the colours spray paints were used with masking tape, a process we can’t imagine was much fun with some of the odd angles here.

As mentioned earlier you can make your own Paralyzer using the free files from Thingiverse. Make sure you read the post printing section for details about the pins which are needed here.

If you prefer your Metroid prints smaller in scale, consider Samus’ gunship or a decorative base for an amiibo which mimics the opening screen of Super Metroid.

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