Qualcomm showcased its 5G-supporting mobile silicon in December last year, with the processor being earmarked for many of the flagship Android devices that would be unveiled in 2020. But what about those new devices which do not support 5G?

Well Qualcomm has some love for them too as the manufacturer recently debuted three new chipsets for use this year.

Those chipsets are the Snapdragon 720G, Snapdragon 662 and Snapdragon 460, all of which were unveiled at a press event in New Delhi earlier this week.

The venue is an indication of the type of market Qualcomm is aiming this new silicon at – primarily areas where 5G is not up and running just yet, or won’t be for the next couple of years.

Along with supporting 4G LTE, the new trio of chipsets also cater to WiFi 6, and while markets like India are the key demographic here, Qualcomm says more mature markets like the United States will get this silicon too.

The 720G is leading the pack for Qualcomm, as it sports on-device AI, supports 4K video recording and up to 2520×1080 resolutions. In terms of connectivity speeds, the X15 LTE modem onboard also caters to up to 800Mbps downloading.

The other models are expectedly slower, as the Snapdragon 662 can muster 390Mbps downloads and features 2.0GHz clocked speeds. The Snapdragon 460 boasts similar download speeds to the 662, but is about half the processing performance.

Despite 5G devices commanding a premium at this stage, and Qualcomm still catering to the 4G LTE crowd with this latest announcement, there is still hope that 5G will land in the upper mid-range space thanks to the recent arrival of its Snapdragon 765 processor.

Either way it looks like Qualcomm is getting ahead of the pack on the silicon front.