The latest product to come out of LEGO Ideas – an initiative where fan-made sets can be turned into commercial products – is the International Space Station (ISS).

Set number 21321, simply called “International Space Station”, contains 864 pieces and is built in what fans refer to as “microscale”, meaning that it isn’t made for LEGO’s own minifigures to inhabit, as something that big would be impractical.

Despite this the build is rather large, coming in at 49 X 31 X 20 centimetres. As you can see by the pictures on this page the build looks rather fragile, which is why this is billed as a set for display (instead of play) that is mainly aimed at adults.

While the real ISS is the most expensive thing humankind has ever created, this buildable toy is much more on the affordable side. The price for this set is listed as $69.99 (~R1 012) but will differ from region to region.

Looking at the price per piece here that’s a rather good deal, even if many of the pieces here are rather small. Adding more value here is the huge array of solar panel pieces. These are printed onto the brick, instead of being stickers. Printed pieces are more expensive to manufacture, but come with the benefit of lasting longer and not requiring user application.

21321: International Space Station has a release date in larger markets of 1st February. Outside of those markets we can expect it soon after, usually priced at the converted UK price after adding appropriate local taxes and import fees.

If you’re not sold yet other features here include a small NASA space shuttle, two appropriately sized astronauts, and three mini cargo spacecrafts.

This set also features a display stand to prop it up so you can spread out those solar panels. This stand also features a small plaque and room for the aforementioned astronauts to stand.

[Via – Brickset | Images –]