Back in March of 2019 we learned that Pokémon: The First Movie was being remade as a completely 3D CGI movie. At the time the film was only slated for a Japanese release, and we’ve been waiting for more news about an the English translation.

Thankfully that wait is over as the movie, titled Mewtwo Strikes Back—Evolution, will be available for us in the West to watch come 27th February.

Instead of a theatrical release the movie will instead be streamed on Netflix. While we’re always happy about convenient streaming releases, it does seem a bit odd here. The official announcement for this specifically mentions how popular the theatrical release was in Japan, and the The First Movie was a big deal when it screened in 1999.

For those wondering about changes for this new iteration (aside from the visuals), Pokémon fan site PokéBeach calls it a “90% remake” and has a long list of minor changes you can read here.

Just keep in mind that this will spoil the entire movie, though we’re not sure that’s too important considering that most people who care about such things already know the plot from decades ago. Those small changes may still be nice to see fresh, however, so maybe avoid it if you’ve been looking forward to this.

Finally, it’s worth talking about trading cards. The First Movie is fondly remembered for the release of several promotional cards. For Mewtwo Strikes Back—Evolution there are cards to be had, but you’ll need to get them in a roundabout way.

Promo cards of the cloned Charizard, Armored Mewtwo and Pikachu are available in the Fall 2019 Collector Chest. This product has no intrinsic connection to the movie so it may be easy to miss. This chest was released late last year and should still be on hobby shop shelves if you look around.