Now that the Destiny 2 community has had a good night’s sleep and a rest, the dust that was kicked up over the Corridors of Time puzzle has settled.

In the days that followed the solution to Bungie’s most ambitious puzzle yet players have been asking why Bastion was the reward for such a momentous puzzle.

Sadly we have no answers in that regard but the developer/publisher has offered some insight into how this gargantuan puzzle came to be.

We’re taking cues from Bungie here because while you may think it started with Sleeper Simulant – thanks to our header – we actually need to go back to 1997.

In this week’s This Week At Bungie update, the Destiny Dev Team explained that the inspiration for the Corridors of Time puzzle was inspired by the film Cube.

“The early ideas for this space were roughly based on the idea of the cult-classic movie Cube, where you would leave one door and end up in another identical room with a new death trap waiting for you,” said the team.

While death wasn’t what faced players, confusion was. Each time players entered a new section in the Corridors of Time puzzle they faced five choices and if one was wrong they’d quickly find themselves lost and having to start over.

The idea of bringing the Destiny 2 community together however, was inspired by the quest to obtain Sleeper Simulant back in the Destiny: Taken King expansion.

“At the time, we recognized that the moment of discovery was reserved for the few people that happened to be online at the time when that hidden content unlocked. Similarly, the secret missions for The Whisper and Zero Hour were also moments of discovery reserved for the few people online within a limited time window to experience first,” the Destiny Dev Team said.

Corridors of Time then was to be the antithesis to that.

Rather than having a select few people claim glory, why not call on the community? So Bungie did – in a manner of speaking.

As many who were part of the puzzle solving marathon can attest, the Corridors of Time could not have been solved if not for every contribution made by those interested in taking part. This involved hundreds of hours of screenshot transcriptions, mapping, programming and standing in-game collecting screenshots. There was no time limit associated with this puzzle and as such even folks who log into the game once every now and then could take part.

Whether you are a casual player or somebody like me that plays in every spare moment they have, you could contribute to solving the puzzle in a way that suited you.

It’s also worth mentioning that Bungie hosts its own puzzle solving marathon annually. It’s called the Pentathlon and features puzzles crafted by the studio’s brightest minds.

The event culminates in a meta-puzzle which incorporates all of the solutions from the other puzzles, much like all the Corridors of Time did.

For players who have not yet experienced the Corridors of Time for themselves we recommend you do so before 28th January.

Bungie has said that the space will no longer be available after 19:00CAT on 28th January so we suggest you climb in, grab your 19 pieces of lore and unique emblem before the Corridors of Time are nothing but a good memory.