This week Lenovo (which owns Motorola) is making the new foldable Motorola razr available to pre-order in the States. The device currently costs $1 499 in the US and for now is limited to select regions with a 6th February shipping date.

While we await word on when other parts of the globe will be able to get their hands on the device, Lenovo released a curious video detailing how owners should care for their new foldable phone.

Everything starts off fairly normally, with the video noting that the device is splash resistant but should be wiped down if it gets wet, and then things turn a tad odd. More specifically Lenovo talks about the flexible display of the device, and that it is designed to bend. The the video says that “bumps and lumps” are normal, which is very odd indeed.

Here we’re assuming Lenovo is referring to some creasing that may occur at the point where the fold happens.

When the Motorola razr was unveiled last year, we were on-hand in Beijing to see the device and the company explained that the hinge design was such that creasing would not happen. This new video contradicts that original messaging then.

With the first iteration of Samsung Galaxy Fold also suffering its own display issues before a better version was released to market, this latest bit of news does not fill us with confidence.

When reviewers Stateside get their hands on the new device, we should have a better idea of just how hard wearing it is, as well as whether any bumps or lumps occur.