Around five years ago the world was introduced to radar technician Matt on Saturday Night Live (SNL). The long running show created a spoof of Undercover Boss set in the Star Wars universe where Kylo Ren became Matt to spend time with his employees in the First Order.

Now, in 2020, SNL has created a sequel for this skit which has become one of its most famous pieces of content from the modern incarnation of the show. It’s right up there with Tenement Museum, Papyrus and Close Encounter.

Now instead of radar technician Matt, Adam Driver is playing intern Randy. If you’ve ever wanted to hear a force user say “Okay, Boomer” and struggle with a Star Wars printer, this is the skit for you.

Reception to the new version of this joke has been mixed. As both Star Wars and SNL are not held in the highest regards in recent years we’re not sure if this sentiment is due to the quality of the skit or this reputation.

In our opinion this version is exactly on par with the old one, but lacks the originality as it’s a sequel. Wow, that last part sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Regardless, the full new skit can be watched on Twitter in the link below. It does prompt you to watch the piece on YouTube, but it is geo-restricted there, so it’s best to just suffer through Twitter’s terrible web player if you live outside of the US.

Other segments of the Adam Driver-hosted SNL episode can also be watched on Twitter, such as this non-Star Wars sketch and the closing crawl. More is available on the YouTube channel, but you’ll again need to fight region locking.