Earlier this week we wrote about the new foldable Motorola razr, and a curious video that the company released regarding how to to care for the device. In it the mention of “bumps and lumps” being normal for the foldable display naturally caught our attention, but as it turns out, few people are concerned about that.

This as demand for the device has seen pre-order deliveries of the device being pushed out 10 days further than initially slated.

As The Verge found out recently, placing a pre-order for the Motorola razr now sees the device with an estimated delivery date of 18th February.

This is longer than the 6th February date listed as an exclusive for Verizon customers after pre-orders opened up yesterday in the United States. What is equally impressive is the fact that there is a back order for the device when it costs a hefty $1499.

While Motorola is grappling with meeting demand for its new foldable phone, what we’re more interested in is what reviewers will be saying about the device. In particular how the screen performs and whether any noticeable bumps, lumps or creases appear after a short time of use.

As we wait for those reviews, we’re still no closer to knowing which regions outside of the US, Lenovo (which owns Motorola) will launch the new razr in.

With Samsung reportedly readying its own clamshell folding phone for reveal early next month, South Africans may have to wait for that device in order to get a foldable phone that transforms into a more compact form factor instead of vice versa.

Either way the foldable phone craze has only just begun.