Well if you woke up today thinking “I’d love to see Sonic the Hedgehog push two people off of a building, apparently falling to their deaths” then we have just the video for you to watch, right after you get out of therapy.

After the trailer showing off the new, palatable Sonic design was released in November of last year, we finally have a new clip of the movie to watch.

The full segment is embedded below and, despite being under a minute long, we do get a to see a decent amount, especially around Jim Carrey’s Dr. Robotnik.

We’ve seen this character messing around with Sonic’s quill in the previous trailers, but now we see that he is using it as something of a power source in his machines.

We also have Sonic calling him Eggman, not because he physically looks like an egg, but because his robots do. This helps to bring into this movie the fact that Carrey’s character was originally called Robotnik in English, but Eggman in Japan.

Aside from that Sonic pushes his two friends off a building. Now we obviously know that in the movie he saves them, because he’s basically the Flash and falling off a high structure should take relative ages, but not showing that in the clip is really weird. Imagine if you’re a young, dumb kid and you see this with no outside knowledge. You’d think that the cute blue hedgehog likes to leave no casualties.

Sonic the Hedgehog is slated to be released in February of this year, barring any further changes to the CGI and delays.

Finally, it is worth talking about the CGI because it really doesn’t look good here. This time it isn’t Sonic himself, but the floating robot drones. They look particularly bad, especially in the close up shot where they are in the background. Hopefully that part is from earlier in production and things will look better for the full release.