LEGO has announced a new theme of sets called Dots, which focuses on decorated tiles (the titular Dots) which can be used in various types of arts and crafts to create and customise things such as bracelets, picture holders, jewellery stands and more.

Mirroring that crafty feel here is the unique packaging here. The larger sets come in reusable plastic containers which are segmented to keep pieces loose for future use. This is in contract with typical LEGO packaging which is made up of cardboard boxes meant to disposed of once the toy inside is built.

A big focus here is that the Dots feature LEGO’s own emojis which come with standards like laughing, crying, hearts… and rainbow poop.

Yes you will soon be able to buy plastic bricks which feature a printed interpretation of sparkly excrement along with many other popular digital images made popular in instant messaging and online.

LEGO Dots launches on 1st March and should be available for purchase at your local toy store, even here in South Africa as we usually receive products from this company on the same time as the rest of the world.

Below we’ve got the names, piece counts and prices for the first wave of Dots products. We’ve converted the prices from the RRP in the UK, as that is what we usually end up paying in South Africa. For international prices see The Brothers Brick for more.

The emoji pieces, which we imagine will be very popular, are included in the “Extra Dots” bags which contain a random allotment of them. Due to the fact that the Extra Dots are slated as “Series 1”, we can safely assume that more will be released in the future.

41908: Extra Dots – Series 1 – 109 pieces – R76

41900: Rainbow / 41901: Funky Animals / 41902: Sparkly Unicorn / 41903: Cosmic Wonder / 41912: Love Birds – 33 pieces each – R95 each

41906: Pencil Holder – 351 pieces – R343

41905: Jewelry Stand – 213 pieces – R247

41904: Picture Holders – 423 pieces – R247

[Via – The Brothers Brick]