Dead Cells, the roguelike hit from 2018, is still being worked on in 2020 and will receive a new batch of DLC called The Bad Seed on 11th February.

Unlike Rise of the Giant, which was free DLC released in 2019, The Bad Seed will be a paid expansion costing $4.99. At this point we don’t know what the regional pricing will be, but we do know that this will be coming to PC as well as console.

We also know a bit about what we’re in for once the content drops. Developer Motion Twin is promising new two early game biomes to make the start of runs more variable, lots of new weapons and enemies to use them on, a huge new boss, and “unseen mechanics” and more.

We assume that new boss is the one in the header image below, which looks like a mass of eyes connected to limbs ending in blades. To fight it our favourite new weapon from the gameplay trailer (embedded below) is a giant scythe.

With this DLC announcement we also have some smaller pieces of news around it. There will be a launch discount of 10% for the DLC and bundles containing the game and all its updates up to now. Motion Twin will also be hosting a Reddit AMA on the launch day of The Bad Seed, at 15:00 so the community can ask them about the new content before jumping in themselves.

If you have not yet played Dead Cells, it comes highly recommended if you can put in the time to get over the early experience difficulty inherent to rogulikes. It has some of the most satisfying melee combat out there, and the progression system is fun if you like the grind.

The base game is also free to play for subscribers of Xbox Game Pass for PC, so you can try it out there without spending any extra money.