Despite being a few months out from the release of Borderlands 3 the game is still inspiring the maker community to replicate its countless guns in full sized 3D prints.

The latest of them is The Boo + unique submachine gun which features the flavour text “we gotchu“. Kailey Savage, also known as  “bigweirdobuilds” online, is the one responsible for this impressive project.

This gun shares many similarities with another fictional firearm we featured recently – Salvager’s Helper from The Outer Worlds. This is no surprise as Savage created both. Savage made The Boo + first and then used many of those lessons on Salvager’s Helper.

Lessons in Fusion 360, were important, as that’s what was also used here. Modelling took around 25 hours to complete, compared to between five and ten for Salvager’s Helper. While that was a pistol and this is a larger submachine gun, it’s clear that Savage was working more quickly here.

Printing took a whopping 115 hours to complete, this definitely attributed to the larger size. Assembled this prop is 23 X 13.5 X 3 inches, or 58.4 X 34.2 X 7.5 centimetres.

For finishing the usual suspects are all here: Bondo, primer filler and lots of sanding. Painting, on the other hand, was much more complex to properly get that Borderlands look:

I cosplayed Moze this Fall so this was my second attempt at the Borderlands art style. I’m super happy with how it turned out but man did it make me want to bash my head against the wall. I started by laying down the base colours of each section and then adding the highlights, shading and linework. It took ages!” Savage tells us.

As we’ve seen with past Borderlands replicas like the gun with legs and Hyper-Hydrator, a good paint job really sets a print apart and immediately conveys which series of games it comes from. As with the designing of the gun, we think Savage did a great job here.

If that doesn’t deter you the files to make your own are available for free over on Thingiverse.

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