Are you in the market for an affordable, feature-rich gaming monitor that won’t break the bank? 

While that might sound like the search for Emerald in Minecraft, AOC has you covered with its new G2 series of gaming monitors – in particular the new 24G2 and 27G2.

With their sleek designs, 144Hz refresh rates and wide viewing angles, AOC has hit the nail on the proverbial head with these monitors – and don’t worry, they’ll stand up to the heaviest gaming hammers out there, too.

Graphics done right

The right monitor is a crucial piece of kit that can make or break even the best gaming rig out there, and, it goes without saying, the latest and greatest games as well. While you might be licking your lips over your brand spanking new graphics card, outputting those high-end graphics to a lacklustre display can literally have you tearing your eyes out in despair.

Luckily, with the G2 series’ 1ms response times – up to par with the fastest monitors out there – putting paid to ghosting and smearing is easy, and along with its IPS panel’s rich, accurate and vivid colours, you can rest assured you’ll be getting the premium graphics performance you deserve, whether you’re playing the latest graphics intensive FPS titles, or slower paced strategy games and RPGs instead.

Levelling up

Upping the ante, the G2 line keeps up the heavy hitting with AMD’s FreeSync technology. Available on both the 24G2 and 27G2, this nifty tech matches your graphics card’s frame rate with your monitor’s refresh rate, all of which means smoother, tear-free and lag-free gaming. 

Coupling FreeSync with the G2’s 75Hz refresh rate, and you can say goodbye to blurring and stuttering gameplay – and to making excuses for your near misses and fumbles.

Rounding off the G2’s already formidable feature set are its mouthwatering minimal bezel design, with three frameless sides, and its player-friendly styling incorporating striking red accents on the monitors’ bottom bezel, tripod stand, and rear casing.

The frameless design, along with the wide viewing angles on offer – 178 degrees both vertically and horizontally – and 130mm height adjustable stands, makes the G2 duo virtually scream out for a multiple monitor setup – perfect for both the serious or armchair player. 

Local flavours

If you are wanting to get your hands on either the AOC 24G2 or 27G2, both models will be available in South Africa from April onwards at local online retailers like Rebel Tech, Wootware and Evetech. The 24G2 and 27G2 carry recommended retail prices of R3 999 and R4 999 respectively, representing an enticing value for money proposition. 

In fact the smaller 24” model landed locally in December last year, but quickly sold out, which should no doubt offer a stamp of approval in terms of the popularity and demand for these gaming monitors. 

For more information about these new gaming monitors, as well as AOC’s other offerings, you can contact local distributor Rectron here.

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