Destiny 2’s latest Exotic quest is very easy and incredibly heartwarming

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Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn has been underway since early December and the first Exotic weapon quest for the season dropped on Tuesday evening.

The weapon earned through the quest is Devil’s Ruin (pictured above), a sidearm that deals Solar damage. The intrinsic perk of the weapon is Close the Gap which fires a high-powered laser that staggers Unstoppable enemies.

The quest itself is actually rather easy and dare we say – one of the shortest yet.

To start the quest you will need to complete one run of the Sundial. This can be the normal mode so there is no need to get five other mates to run the Legend difficulty mode.

From there you will need to visit Saint-14 at the The Tower who will then send you on a mission to collect weapon fragments from Twilight Gap.

Open the EDZ map and look for the quest marker in the bottom left and start the mission.

The mission itself sees you land in the Twilight Gap Crucible map alone. You’ll need to find 10 of Shaxx’s dead Redjacks frames but that’s rather easy.

Once you’ve collected the final weapon fragment you will receive Devil’s Ruin. Just like that.

Now, you could just leave the mission once you’re done but then you’d miss out on some of the most heartwarming dialogue we’ve yet to encounter in Destiny 2.

Simply put, Lord Shaxx discovers that Saint-14 is alive and the pair have a fantastic conversation about the weapons folks could earn in Crucible, Eris Morn and the infamous Battle of Twilight Gap.

We’ve embedded a video of the conversation below for you to enjoy if you skipped it. You can also see Devil’s Ruin in action.

While many in the Destiny 2 community have criticised Bungie for how short this quest was, we actually appreciate not having to complete 10 strikes, 50 patrols and 90 public events just to get a weapon we may never end up using.


Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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