Last month we finally learned what would be the next set to come from Ideas, a system where fan creations become real LEGO sets that you can buy. The International Space Station (ISS) is that set, and it is selling in South Africa for R1 249.99.

As always it’s worth looking to international RRPs to see how much we’re paying in comparison. The fairest territory to make this comparison is the UK, as its prices are usually closest to ours and don’t exclude tax like some of the US prices do.

Those in the UK will be paying £64.99 which, at the time of writing, converts to R1272.64. This means that the pricing here is proportional and there are no hidden charges here.

For R1 249.99 you will be buying a 864 piece replica of the ISS. When built this display piece measures in at 49 X 31 X 20 centimetres making it a rather striking addition to your shelf or desk.

Aside from the main structure there is a display stand so the solar panel sections can be spread out. It’s worth noting that these panels are printed instead of the cheaper stickers which LEGO usually uses. This means no extra frustration lining up stickers and no chance of them flaking and peeling off over time.

Some small additions are included here, such as a pair of tiny astronauts, a shuttle and three cargo spacecrafts.

Set 21321: International Space Station just became available to buy from the official LEGO store where it will exclusively available for a period before it propagates to other toy stores.

While not based on real vehicles, it’s worth noting a current LEGO Ideas project currently ongoing. They toy maker has asked its fans which of three Star Wars ships it should make into a set next. While these are not fan made, you can vote on the Nebulon-B, TIE Bomber or Republic Gunship to be for sale next.