Cybersecurity should be a growing concern for business owners especially with threats and threat actors increasing.

Of course, cybersecurity can be costly and tricky to manage for smaller business. Sadly, these businesses are also often the hardest hit when cybercriminals strike.

To assist small businesses in safeguarding their systems, Vox has launched Click4Support.

The service carries a subscription but for your money Vox will manage your businesses antivirus solution as well as software updates.

“This is a service designed to provide small businesses with under 20 users with antivirus software, and patch management for their Windows devices. In addition, this service gives them one-click access to our helpdesk for remote IT support, at a far more affordable rate than having to call out an engineer onsite,” said head of managed IT at Vox, Jurgen Sorton (pictured).

The somewhat hidden benefit of this service is that it’s charged as a flat rate so that business owners can effectively budget for these services.

It also means that business owners can focus on what they’re good at rather than chasing after employees to check they have the latest software installed.

“Small businesses are already having to spend on antivirus subscriptions for their employees’ machines. By using this service, they get a highly cost-effective solution that gives them access to antivirus software from a leading industry vendor, as well as the ability to automatically ensure their machines are always updated,” explains Sorton.

In terms of cost, Click4Support will cost R49 per user per month. Calls to the help desk will carry a fee of R199.

For more information about this Vox service you can head to the website and click or tap “Enquire Now” for assistance.