In recent years LEGO has been known more for its licences toys than its original IPs, but its latest one – Hidden Side – is offering something special to fans of all ages with a choose your own adventure hosted on Instagram.

As a quick primer on Hidden Side, the fictional story of it takes place in a town called Newbury which is overrun with ghosts. These ghosts can only be revealed (and caught) by using a special phone app, and this is integrated into the physical toys with AR functionality.

To promote the sets, which launched last year, LEGO has put together a series of Instagram posts in what it calls a “tap-to-choose interactive story”. It’s basically a choose your own adventure that you can play on the social media platform.

Start with the post embedded below and tap on the image. It will lead you to a new Instagram account which only has one upload. Again tap on it to be presented with multiple other accounts, each representing a different path in the story.

We’ve been at it for a few minutes now and we get caught by the ghosts every time. We’re not sure if we’re just bad and can’t get a proper ending, or one doesn’t exist.

That’s the beauty here as you can now give it a swing and see how far you make.

While this is just a piece of marketing material, we do love whenever this format is used. We hope it inspires some kids (and some adults) to pick up this type of story again, which used to be a popular form of book years ago.

As for the Hidden Side toys themselves, check out our hands on with them at launch in 2019.


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Something weird is going on! Tap to begin your investigation, if you’re brave enough…👆#LEGO #HiddenSide

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