At CES earlier this year LG announced that it would be adding the Apple TV add to its newer models of smart TVs.

A few weeks later and the South Korean manufacturer has begun that process, confirming that it plans to roll the app out to select 2019 models which include its OLED and NanoCell LCD offerings.

To that end LG says users should be seeing the app pop up in their menus in coming weeks, with 80 countries earmarked to get the feature. Unfortunately the firm’s announcement of the app’s arrival does not detail precisely which 80 countries are included, but seeing as how LG has a large presence locally, we should be seeing the app soon.

For now though we’ve reached out to LG South Africa to confirm whether the feature will be landing locally.

In terms of what LG TV owners will be able to do on the app, the manufacturer notes that users will be able to subscribe to Apple channels, as well as access the iTunes library and rent/buy more than 100 000 movies or TV shows available in the catalogue.

There is also the addition of Apple TV+ access, which has seen a number of original shows and movies being added to the mix in recent months.

If you’re wondering when other models of LG TV will get the feature, the firm notes that 2018 OLED and NanoCell LCD TVs are scheduled to receive it in coming months, and new 2020 models of LG TV will get Apple TV an TV+ natively. If, however, you have a UHD TV, LG says it does not plan to roll out the feature.

With the streaming wars heating up in 2020, it looks like LG TVs have a slight advantage over other brands.

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