After many rumours and leaks PlatinumGames’ 2013 game The Wonderful 101 has finally gone live with a Kickstarter campaign for a multi-platform remaster. It’s been up for less than a day and, man, is it raking in the money.

At the time of writing the number of pledges sits at $960 738 from 14 333 backers. This shoots up every time we return to the page, so it’s likely that it will cross the $1 million mark when you read this. The funding goal was set at just $49 890.

As a reminder The Wonderful 101 was a Wii U exclusive that focused on wrangling groups of superheroes to progress. Since its launch years ago people have been asking for ports on newer hardware, and now those requests have been answered.

The first console focused on here is the newest Nintendo one in the form of the Switch, with $50K funding unlocking that port of the game. That has obviously been reached and now the remaster will also be coming to Steam ($250K stretch goal) and PlayStation 4 ($500K stretch goal).

Unfortunately, right now, no Xbox One port has been mentioned.

The last two stretch goals right now are a time attack mode at $1 million, and “Luka’s First Mission” at $1.5 million. The latter is a “brand new 2D side scrolling adventure starring a young hero”.

By the formatting of the stretch goals list, it looks like more of them will be added in the future.

The cheapest way to get the remaster, with an estimated delivery of April 2020, is to pledge ¥3 900 (~$35.82 / R530.65). This gets you as digital version of the game.

At ¥4 400 / $40.41 / R598.68 you can buy a physical version delivered anywhere in the world, and then adding more of your hard earned money unlocks extras like the OST, keychains and a comic.

The most interesting tier to us is at ¥11 000 / $101.03 / R1 496.17 and up. Bundles in those tiers include being blocked by famous developer Hideki Kamiya on Twitter. If that sounds very strange, it is. Kamiya is infamous for blocking people on Twitter for no reason, and many fans of his wear being blocked as a badge of honour.

If you have 25 minutes to spare we highly recommend this great video about the topic. We promise that it’s more interesting that it sounds.

If any of that sounds appealing to you, we have to provide the prerequisite warning about crowdfunding. Don’t spend anything you’re not willing to completely lose. What you’re pledging to may never arrive, or it may arrive in a state that was not advertised.

While PlatinumGames is held in high regard by most, and for good reason, even the Kickstarter pitch video above states that this is the company’s first attempt at self publishing, and there will be challenges ahead.

Keep that in mind and click around the campaign page to see if there’s anything for you.