Before the world fell in love with Wooloo, Mareep was the original sheep Pokémon that everyone loved. If you fall into that category, or you have space in your heart for a heard of Pokémon sheep, you may be interested in a massive and expensive new product.

The Pokémon Center is now selling a plush doll Mareep that is made to be the same size as it is in the games. To that end the plush is 60 centimetres tall and 58 centimetres wide, which is its size listed in the Pokédex according to the item’s description.

“Just as big as it says in the Pokédex! This jumbo-size Poké Plush is a full 2 feet tall and more than 3 feet long, and it really gives you options! Will you count Mareep in the bedroom? Maybe put it under a glass tabletop? Possibly keep it near a rocking chair to maximize fluffy enjoyment during quiet times?” the description reads.

As expected all that fluff doesn’t come cheap, and you’ll need to fork over $500 (~R7 383) for the privilege. That price balloons even more if you live outside of territories that the Pokémon Center delivers to, as you’ll then need to figure out the logistics of importing something so large.

Thankfully, at $500, this item does qualify for free shipping to certain areas, so that’s one less cost to worry about.

If you’re seriously considering buying this, or just want to hover over the “add to cart” button for a little while, this Mareep is up for sale on the Pokémon Center website.

Strangely enough this isn’t the largest Poké Plush out there. At one point a version of Furret was available that measured in at a ridiculous 180 centimetres. That’s almost six feet for those of you in the US. It cost $350 and is sadly no longer available to buy new after it went on sale in 2019.

That huge Furret has not been restocked so we expect this Mareep to similarly not be available once it sells out.

[Via – @ReviewsPokemon]