For a while Metro Exodus was a lightning rod of controversy after it advertised itself on Steam for months only to be removed from that platform and made an Epic Games Store exclusive.

Thankfully this exclusivity was only to last a year, and it will expire on 15th February 2020 to mark the anniversary of the game.

The official Twitter account for the franchise announced its return to Steam recently providing the following times it will unlock next week: 00:00 ET, 5:00 GMT / UTC, 6:00 CET and 6:00 AEDT.

What’s strange here is the specific use of the word “return” which the announcement used. After all the hate and vitriol, you’d think that alluding to the fact that the game left Steam in the first place would be a no no.

Instead the announcement mentions it again: “Those of you that have been waiting, thank you for your passion and patience.”

As you may expect the comments to this have been less than kind. Those who still seem willing buy the game on Steam have stated a desire for it to be discounted due to the fact that it’s a year-old game – something we have to agree with.

Unfortunately we don’t know what the price of the title is right now as the Steam page for it does not have a price for the base game listed at the time of writing. It’s also impossible to pre-purchase the game on Steam right now.

When it does launch we can definitely expect a flood of negative reviews for the ping pong game it forced players to partake in. Previous Metro games suffered severe review bombings when the exclusivity was originally announced. While Steam has systems in place to combat review bombings, we can’t help but see the game having nothing but a cursed existence there.

Regardless of your feelings about PC exclusivity and the Epic Games Store, it must be mentioned that Metro Exodus is actually available on Xbox Game Pass for PC, which is still running its three months for $1 (~R15) special. Just remember that the version included here does not have the DLC.