One of the more annoying Netflix features is autoplay for previews and the next episode of a series.

While we appreciate not having to get up and select the next episode from our PC, the ability to switch that feature off would be welcome.

As it so happens, Netflix has introduced exactly that this week.

For even better news, this feature can be turned on or off at a profile level so my family and friends can continue to enjoy the feature, even if I don’t.

In order to turn autoplay off you will need to log into your Netflix account via a web browser. Select Manage Profiles from the drop down menu.

Select the profile you’d like to turn autoplay off for and turn the features you don’t like off.

Should you still find yourself at the mercy of previews or autoplaying episodes, Engadget suggests switching to a different profile and back to your preferred one will force the option to work.

As something of a reminder, Netflix allows for downloads on Android, iOS and Windows devices. With a high chance of loadshedding at the weekend, it may be a good idea to download content throughout the course of the day.