In late January Desktop Goose was released. This piece of fan software took the shenanigans of the bird from Untitled Goose game and brought it your desktop in a not so helpful virtual assistant that would mess with your mouse cursor, leave you messages in note pad, drag memes onto the screen and more.

In early February the programme got an update for custom images and .gif support, and now there’s yet another round of improvements.

Creator of Desktop Goose, Sam Chiet, introduced v0.3 on Twitter together with a short video showing off the new features. You can watch that in the embed below:

Following the link for the mod contest will take you to a Google form to enter. There it’s suggested that you join a Discord server for more information and help in your goose modding endeavours.

While we won’t be entering ourselves, we hope someone can create missions and objectives for the goose to complete on your PC, like the ones in Untitled Goose Game. Something along the lines of “make the user misclick five times” or “add ten goose memes at once”. When the contest ends on 17th February we’ll hopefully be able to see what the internet managed to come up with.

Some community work on the programme includes a Mac port and even getting the software working on an iPhone.

Aside from the new stuff shown in the video, other parts of the update includes the ability to change the colour of the goose and custom text for whatever you want to pop up in Notepad.

Desktop Goose is available for free from