When Pokémon: The First Movie came out at the end of the ’90s it was accompanied by a set of promotional trading cards that many collectors and fans still have tucked away somewhere.

That first movie has now been remade as the CGI title Mewtwo Strikes Back—Evolution, which will launch on Netflix come 27th February. Like the film it is based on, this new movie also has promo trading cards that you can collect.

Unlike the four cards available for the original, Mewtwo Strikes Back—Evolution has three cards to collect: Charizard SM226, Pikachu SM227 and Armored Mewtwo SM228.

The Charizard here features the distinctive red markings of the cloned Pokémon seen in the movie, while the Mewtwo is wearing the armour placed on it before it becomes free.

Many have missed the English release of these cards as they have been bundled into one product and sold under a name that has nothing to do with the movie – the Fall 2019 Collector Chest.

The official RRP of this product, as sold by Pokémon itself, is $24.99 (~R376). The exact availability and price of this item varies wildly depending on where you live, so it’s best to phone up your local hobby store and ask if they can help you.

Aside from these three promo cards, the Collector Chest also comes with five ten-card boosters, a plastic coin featuring Mew, a 60-card binder, two sticker sheets, a notepad and four pencils. Those last two stationary components are also Pokémon-themed so you’re not just getting some random office supplies.

All of this comes in the Collector Chest itself – a “metal case” which is basically a cheap lunchbox that is very easy to bend.

If you’re not interested in anything else aside from the three promo cards, or you don’t want to spend that much money, you can just buy the three cards on their own.

Troll and Toad, a third party marketplace for TCGs, has the three promos which you can buy on their own.

This site mainly serves the US but is used worldwide as a way to gauge the price of individual cards. We’ll link to the three cards down below, together with their prices, but you’ll have to shop around in your local market to find them.

You may find that the cards are either not available on their own in your market, or the cost of buying and shipping them to you is more than buying the Collector Chest outright at a store or online.

As for potential value in the future, we don’t see these cards appreciating very much as the years go on. The original four mentioned at the beginning of the story for the first movie are still cheap to buy due to how plentiful they are, and these new three look to be much of the same.

In terms of actually playing these trading cards in a deck, only the Charizard is remotely viable. A deck built around it is far from top tier and has not won any tournaments or events of note, so it would just be for fun at your local league.

Money and viability aside, all three do feature great art. You can appreciate them in the gallery below. These are the highest resolution versions we’ve been able to find, taken from the TCG online client PTCGO.

Charizard SM226

Pikachu SM227

Armored Mewtwo SM228