Samsung is a day away from revealing its next flagship smartphone lineup as well as its next folding phone but the latter broke cover a day early.

During the Oscars ceremony this morning an advert for Unpacked 2020 featuring the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip appeared.

The advert was clearly meant to be screened as it throws forward to the Unpacked event happening on Tuesday but we do find the showcase of the new handset slightly odd.

Despite us knowing that the folding smartphone would feature at Unpacked, we were expecting Samsung to be a bit more coy about the Galaxy Z Flip.

While we expected Samsung to use its latest S-series to build anticipation, clearly the manufacturer had other plans.

When the firm unveiled the Galaxy Fold it was a surprise. Despite Samsung teasing it a few months ahead of its unveiling, the announcement that the phone would be available to buy in a few months was a shock to the system.

But now that we have that video, let’s over analyse it.

When folded, we see a tiny display at the bottom left of the handset which appears to be for answering calls when the Galaxy Z Flip is folded.

There is also a much more subdued camera setup. We can see two lenses on the flip cover and one inside the handset. That’s half of what the Galaxy Fold housed and honestly, it looks less like a prototype for it.

There is reportedly still a crease where the display folds but that seems to be an unfortunate reality of folding displays at the moment.

As for the rest of the details we do need to wait for Samsung to announce those at Unpacked tomorrow. You can watch the stream over on Samsung’s website or on its official YouTube channel.

We’ll be attending a local launch event so you can expect our impressions of both the latest Galaxy S series and hopefully the Galaxy Z Flip, if it’s present as well.

[Via – Engadget]