Following a week where Stage 2 loadshedding was a permanent feature, Eskom appears to have restored some capacity.

Sadly this doesn’t mean loadshedding is gone but rather that the severity will be lowered.

“Eskom will on Monday morning resume implementing Stage 1 loadshedding from 09:00. We will give a further update to the public on Monday afternoon as to the state of the system going forward,” wrote Eskom.

As of Sunday afternoon Eskom said that unplanned outages and breakdowns were at 11 126MW.

The utility also reminded South Africans that there is an increased likelihood of loadshedding for at least the next 18 months as it conducts critical maintenance to its infrastructure.

We are also not seemingly out of the woods regarding loadshedding for this week, with Eskom stating that the risk of loadshedding remains high for the week.

“While dam levels have recovered adequately enough to allow for a reduction to Stage 1 loadshedding, there is still some work being done to improve diesel stocks,” the utility said.

South Africans have also been asked to use electricity sparingly by switching off geysers during peak periods and turning off non-essential electronics.

We highly recommend checking your schedules which can be found online or if you prefer push notifications regarding power cuts as they happen, the EskomSePush app for Android and iOS will get the job done.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]