Now that the first Galaxy Unpacked for 2020 is done and dusted, it’s time to take a look at the flagships phones that aren’t foldable. Here though Samsung has not simply refreshed its lineup, but also added 5G connectivity across the range of its new Galaxy S20 devices, which also includes the S20+ and S20 Ultra.

Focusing in on the 5G functionality, the entire range supports both standalone and non-standalone 5G, with Samsung stating that it offers up to 2.0Gbps download and 200Mbps upload speeds (depending on country).

Looking at the displays on all three of these phones, the key difference is size, with all three retaining a Quad HD+ resolution (3200×1440). In terms of actual sizes the S20 has a 6.2″ display, with the S20+ larger at 6.7″ and Ultra the largest at 6.9″. Sticking with the screens, they feature a minimal bezel and full-screen design with a punch hole placed centrally to house the front facing cameras.

Galaxy S20 (left), S20+ (centre) and S20 Ultra (right).

Shifting to the front facing camera, the S20 and S20+ have a 10MP dual pixel option, with the Ultra beefing things up with a 40MP dual pixel option. Switching to the rear things are slightly different depending on the device. The S20 and S20+ have a triple camera setup – 12MP ultra wide, 12MP wide-angle and 64MP telephoto. If you’ve noticed a trend here the S20 Ultra boasts the best specs of the lot with a 12MP ultra wide, massive 108MP wide-angle and 48MP telephoto lens.

Looking at what’s happening internally, there will be either a Qualcomm Snapdragon or Exynos processor powering things, with both options featuring a 7nm architecture. On the memory side of things the S20 and S20+ have 12GB of RAM to call upon (5G models only) and the Ultra naturally more at 16GB RAM (5G only). Storage sees a 128GB. option on the S20, the S20+ featuring 128GB, 256GB and 512GB variants, and the Ultra sticking only to 512GB.

The same increases per model have been applied to the batteries too. The S20 has 4 000mAh to call upon, the S20+ slightly more at 4 500mAh and Ultra the most at 5 000mAh.

The new 5G supporting Galaxy S20 range will be available in select markets from 6th March. We’re still to find out when the devices will be available to purchase in South Africa, and indeed if the 5G flavours will land locally given our country’s current lack of spectrum. Those details will be shared by Samsung Mobile South Africa shortly though.