Those on their way to work this morning may find themselves arriving at a dark office as Eskom announces that Stage 1 rotational loadshedding will be in place from today at 09:00 until 06:00 tomorrow.

This is due to a shortage of capacity with the loadsheddding giving the flailing utility time to replenish its energy reserves.

As of 06:55 today unplanned outages or breakdowns were at 11 016MW, which has necessitated the cut in power. For comparison when Stage 1 loadshedding was put into place just yesterday, that number was at 11 126MW.

“Customers are advised that any additional shifts on the system may require a change in the loadshedding stage. We therefore request customers use electricity sparingly and to reduce demand during this period,” Eskom states.

The utility goes on to remind us all that there’s a possibility of continual loadshedding for the next 18 months as maintenance occurs on the nation’s electrical infrastructure.

Suggestions are also provided about what regular people can do to use less electricity. This includes keeping air conditioners at 23 degrees, switching geysers off at peak times, turning off electronics at night, reducing swimming pool pump cycles and using the cold water tap instead of the geyser.

As always the best way to stay ahead of these announcements is to check your schedules for the area you live or work in. The EskomSePush app for both Android and iOS is also a great way to get alerts as push notifications.

One solace we can all take here is that Eskom will apparently provide an update later today (its exact words are “this evening”) about what the loadshedding situation will be for tomorrow. Even if we’ll all be without electricity come Wednesday, it’s better that we know ahead of time unlike today when the announcement – embedded below – was made less than an hour before it would come into effect.

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