Wireless earphones are all the rage right now. Don’t believe us, do a quick scan of the office and see how many people are wearing some right now.

You’re probably considering buying a new pair, and that’s where American audio specialists, Klipsch, comes in with two new earphones made exclusively available in SA via local distributor Homemation.

The earphones in question are the new Klipsch T5 Sport and T5 True Neckband.

Designed as sports or fitness-focused offerings, the new earphones feature patented oval ear tips to keep them secure while working out. The manufacturer adds that audio performance is catered to, as the Klipsch T5 earphones are engineered the same way that the company does its floor standing speakers.


Focusing in on the less expensive of the two – the T5 Sport – which carries a recommended retail price of R1 999, they boast up to 10 hours of battery life from a single full charge. Added to this is Bluetooth 5, with multi-point connection allowing two devices to pair at once, along with being sweat and splash resistant.

Moving on to the more expensive of the two – the T5 True Neckband – is recommended to retail for R2 399. That larger price tag is justified by the up to 15 hours worth of battery life, as well as a dual-microphone setup for enhanced clarity while taking and making calls.

The neckband (featured in the header above) also has a vibration feature to notify you when a call is coming in, along with sporting the same Bluetooth 5, multi-point connectivity, sweat and splash resistance to the other Klipsch offering.

If the pair of earphones that accompanied your recent smartphone purchase are not cutting, perhaps one of these two are worth considering.