South African streaming service Showmax has a trio of new features that will be going live on the platform come 14th February.

Subscribers to Showmax may have received an email from the company stating that new “legal documents” have been introduced. We’re not entirely sure how that relates to the new features, however, which are:

  • Sign-in via a cellphone number (no email address needed).
  • Manage marketing preferences (including preferences for receiving marketing messages from us) via My Account > Marketing Preferences.
  • Participate in user research surveys.

As these features are not live at the time of writing we’ve not been able to poke around, but we’re looking to do so especially around the survey side.

One feature we’ve been asking for on Showmax is that of playback speed. This is a feature even large international streaming sites do not have with YouTube being the biggest platform to support it.

Yes, we are aware that such things can be added in with extensions, and we even use the Video Speed Controller plugin for Chrome, but it would be much better to have it as a standard inclusion. Plugins only get you so far and aren’t available on every platform, such as mobile.

While the likes of Netflix drags its heels on the issue, we’d love to see a local service beat them and many others to playback speed inclusion.

As for actual legal documents, the email announcements links to a new privacy policy and terms and conditions page. Previous versions of these can be found here and here respectively.

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