One of the most renowned games to come out of South Africa in the last few years was 2015’s Stasis. Now its developer The Brotherhood have a new title launching this month in the form of Beautiful Desolation.

“BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION continues The Brotherhood’s 2D isometric adventure game aesthetic and delves into a post-apocalyptic world set in the distant future. Explore the iconic landscape, solve puzzles, meet new friends, make powerful enemies, mediate conflicts and fight for your life as you unravel the secrets of the world around you…” the announcement for the game’s release date reads.

In terms of fitting titles this is right up there because it is a real looker of a game. It takes the original Fallout look and gives it a fresh angle that we really like.

The latest trailer for Beautiful Desolation is embedded below and starts right off with a voice actor that’s clearly South African. The landscapes here are inspired by Africa and the official designation from The Brotherhood is “tribal punk aesthetic” for how things are presented.

This game will launch on both Steam and GOG later this month at $19.99 (~R296) though we’ll see regional pricing on the former platform. During the first week of release discounts and “bonus bundles” are in the works. We recommend clicking around each store’s page to find out more.

We hope one of those bundles includes the standalone soundtrack, as it’s been created by Mick Gordon. This artist’s work is extensive but many know him for the now famous djent soundtrack present in Doom 2016.

Finally, let’s talk about the Penrose triangle. This “impossible object” and famous optical illusion is used throughout the marketing for this game and looks to be its logo. We have to wonder if it will somehow tie into the game, or it was just chosen because it looks cool. Or, you know, both of those things.