When we talk about vestiges of old internet humour and culture we usually mean rage comics or stuff like long cat, but today someone has resurrected something truly old: the Dancing Baby, the Oogachacka Baby, or whatever you want to call it.

That someone is Twitter user @JArmstrongArty who recently revealed in a thread of tweets how they apparently found the original files of the famous Dancing Baby, exported it to GMod, and recreated the animation in Full HD at 60FPS.

As a quick primer for the uninitiated, the Dancing Baby was an animation of exactly that – an infant doing a dance. This popped up frequently around the early internet in the ’90s and occupies a small portion of many people’s minds because of its popularity. It may seem ridiculous to those not around at the time, and it probably is, but we can say that for most memes anyway.

Back to the revival efforts and you can read that full thread about it here. The short version is this: @JArmstrongArty wanted the old Dancing Baby in GMod and, after a dead lead, managed to find its original files on an old abandoned site called vetusware.com.

These files were then polished up and made as good as possible to preserve this little piece of internet history.

Thankfully, to properly preserve it, the updated files are now available for free on Steam’s Workshop and the high quality video (complete with Hooked On A Feeling backing track) is up on YouTube in the embed below.

If you see this edited into videos in the future or, god forbid, pasted onto sites as gifs, you now know why.