With King Knight getting his own game in December of 2019, the character from Shovel Knight is on people’s minds once again, with one maker moving it from their mind into the world of 3D printing.

That maker is El Cronac CG who recreated the character more how he appears in official and fan art, instead of the in-game design.

ZBrush was the software of choice to make the model taking around 10 hours of work in total over four days, including preparations for printing.

Printing itself took around 20 hours to complete making a version of King Knight 12 centimetres tall. Despite this decent size the model won’t tip over too easily thanks to the fact that the cape is cleverly used as an extra support where the small legs wouldn’t cut it.

Unfortunately this version of the print has not been finished or painted, so right now we’re not going to see the King in his stately gold and red and gold attire.

If you won’t stand for this and want to see a more complete version, well you’ll need to do it yourself. Thankfully the files to print King Knight are available for free over on Thingiverse.

This helpful full colour render should be a helpful guide for anyone seriously considering making their own.

El Cronac CG has also created similar files for the titular Shovel Knight, and plans to do more characters from the franchise in the future. Keep your eye on this maker to see more models as they’re released.

If you prefer your prints human sized instead of scale miniatures, consider this wearable version of Shovel knight’s helmet. Now all we really needed is a printed shovel.

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