It is Valentine’s Day, which is perhaps why Square Enix is feeling in a loving mood and sharing the opening movie from its highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The five minute-long video surfaced on the Final Fantasy YouTube page, and serves as a nice teaser before the game hits the PlayStation 4 as an exclusive on 10th April. At this stage it seems like we’ve been talking about this Remake for quite some time, ever since news of its development first broke a few years ago.

With a little less than two month’s to go before it makes its debut, it should be interesting to see how its developer has been able to improve upon what is already a much beloved entry to the Final Fantasy franchise.

Based on the video below, the graphics have made a significant step up from the 1997 PlayStation original, with a gameplay trailer showcased last year showing off a similar improvement. Whether it captures the attention of players outside of a loyal Final Fantasy community remains to be seen, as well as whether it can win over an entirely new audience of players.

With more recent Final Fantasy games perhaps lacking the lustre that the first dozen or so games did, perhaps this return to an old favourite will prove fruitful for Square Enix.

We’re also keen to see if Square Enix has looked to add any new elements to this Remake, apart from the visual and gameplay enhancements of course.

In the interim, hit play on the video below and enjoy.