Last week Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip to the world, with the South Korean firm claiming that for its second-ever foldable phone, it learned from the mistakes of the original. Namely this included a newly designed hinge and a better grade of flexible glass for the display.

While we are yet to hands-on with the device in our own review, those Stateside have gotten the opportunity, and popular tech YouTuber, JerryRigEverything (Zack Nelson), has placed the device through his usual battery of durability tests.

Unfortunately the device did not perform as well as Samsung made out that it would, which left question the improvements made to the screen, as well as the nature of the flexible glass itself.

Responding to Nelson’s claims that the glass might not be the genuine article, Samsung told Engadget that the Galaxy Z Flip made use of an ultra thin glass, with a protective layer placed on top of it. The firm added that although the device features improved durability compared to the Fold, it still needed to be handled with care.

Samsung also told The Verge that it was planning to offer users a one time screen replacement at $119, along with a specialised screen protector, but it remains to be seen if this is only for those in the States or a global initiative. We’ve reached out to Samsung Mobile South Africa to find out if such an offer will be available in South Africa, and are awaiting their feedback.

For now at least it seems like foldable phones still have some way to go in terms of durability. We’ll reserve proper judgement until we can review the Z Flip ourselves.

In the interim, you can watch the Jerry Rig Everything durability test in the video below.