Just when you thought that battle royale games couldn’t get any weirder, publisher Devolver Digital is showing off more of its upcoming title Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, which mimics classic obstacle course game shows like Takeshi’s Castle and Total Wipeout.

Think the weird blobby characters from Gang Beasts all trying to make their way through increasingly difficult obstacles to reach a crown at the end. Through knockout rounds eventually there will be just one winner, as is the norm for these kinds of games.

While we’ve been seeing bits and pieces of Fall Guys over the past few months, we now have a bit of behind the scenes for it as it ramps up for release later this year.

In the video embedded below you can learn a bit more about how the game came to be. The look of the titular Fall Guys, for example, was inspired by the show It’s A Knockout which dressed people in ridiculous, difficult to move in outfits and tasked them with completing obstacles.

This new trailer is accompanied with a few other developments happening at the same time.

Firstly the game has a slick new website where you can learn more about it and find the store pages for both PC (Steam) and PlayStation 4, which are the only two platforms announced for the title right now.

It’s got everything you’d expect for a promo website like this, including a newsletter if you’re into such things.

The second and final bit of marketing worth mentioning here is the “Make a Fall Guy” contest which is being held every month. As the name would suggest members of the community are tasked with creating their own version of the oddly bean-shaped characters here. Winners will have their creations permanently added into the game, and there’s a template available to make things a bit easier.

To our eyes these kind of look like Mighty Beanz with appendages, so feel free to use that as inspiration.