If there just weren’t enough Nintendo Switch variants out there to buy, there’s now a new colour of the Lite console coming 20th March, this time in a coral colour.

This announcement comes from the official Nintendo Twitter account, which is the main source of information on the platform for the Japanese side of the company.

It links to this announcement on Nintendo.co.jp, which is also in Japanese, so we’re relying on a bit of the old Google Translate to get by here.

While this usually means that information will be lost, both announcements are very short so there shouldn’t be too much confusion here.

Aside from the 20th March release date, another important day to keep note of is 7th March when pre-orders will open. This is just for Japan, however, so we will need to wait for dates in the rest of the world as we get closer to March.

Right at the bottom of the announcement there is one last thing to note for those in Japan that may affect the rest of the world: “As of February 18, the new coronavirus infection has affected the production and shipment of the Nintendo Switch for the Japanese domestic market, and has caused great inconvenience to customers”.

This links to a yet another short announcement which adds that shipments of Ring Fit Adventure have also been impacted.

How this will shape up for the West and when we’ll be able to get the new coral Nintendo Switch Lite remains to be seen.

For now we just have a couple of promotional images to gawk over which you can see on this page. For those who didn’t like the muted colours of the grey, blue and yellow consoles, well you won’t like this new one much either as it continued to the theme.