Eskom has confirmed that there is no expected loadshedding today, 18th February, which makes it the second day in a row this week that power utility has done so.

It follows a trend that started last week, where there was no loadshedding for a number of days before rotational loadshedding was implemented at the weekend.

Whether this will happen again this week remains to be seen but there could be a pattern whereby Eskom focuses on ensuring that there is adequate power available to homes and businesses during the busier weekdays, and conducting loadshedding during slower periods, like the weekend.

As always Eskom posted an update on its official Twitter account for today’s update, noting that the generating system was improved with a “positive outlook” as it terms it. That said, the power utility has warned that the system remains vulnerable and loadshedding can be implemented at short notice.

The power utility has also provided a list of tips that South Africans can use to lower their electricity consumption. As always, the likelihood that this advice is heeded remains slim at best.

Either way we are pleased to see another day of no loadshedding.

[Image – Photo by Joshua Melo on Unsplash]