It is safe to say that when residents of the United Kingdom voted on Brexit, the full extent and ramifications of leaving the European Union were unknown.

As such a number of interesting implications have cropped up since Brexit was first announced, such as what it could mean for foreign footballers playing in the UK, for example.

Another intriguing implication revolves around GDPR and Google, with Reuters reporting that those in the UK which use the services of Google could lose their data protection rights as a result of Brexit.

At the time of writing, the report has received no official comment from Google or the EU, but sources close to the matter say that once Brexit is finalised, UK residents would fall under the United States in terms of data regulation.

If that is indeed true, it could also provide a loophole for technology companies not wanting to deal with any possible fines as a result of GDPR infractions. With many tech companies, including some big names like Apple, Facebook and Google.

Given the limbo state of Brexit, Reuters says Google has decided to move its UK-based users out of the jurisdiction of the EU. If true it would be a decision that other tech companies would have to make in coming months.

It also remains to be seen what approach the UK would impose in terms of regulating data privacy, and whether it would adopt a similarly strict approach as is the case with GDPR.

While we wait for an outcome to this latest episode in the Brexit saga, it shows that leaving the European Union is no easy task, with several consequences now left to contend with.

[Image – Photo by Sabrina Mazzeo on Unsplash]