Ultimate Chicken Horse – a fantastic platformer with a focus on creating levels and party play – has a new update that brings with it the ability to cross-play between the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 versions of the game.

This update is called “A-cobra-tic” as there is a new playable character in the form of a cobra. If you didn’t guess by the name of the game here you play as animals in Ultimate Chicken Horse.

If you’re wondering how a snake gets around in a genre so closely associated with running and jumping, well it rides a skateboard, of course.

While a new character and cross-play would be enough for one update, that’s not all that’s on offer here.

There are two new levels on offer called Space and Ballroom, both of which you can see in the trailer embedded below. These can be filled with four new kinds of “blocks” what the game uses as a blanket term for stuff like platforms and obstacles.

There’s a beehive, cannon, flamethrower and one-way gate to populate your levels with now.

The A-cobra-tic update will be available come 12th March. The new content will be unlockable in game by collecting certain boxes throughout the game. The full patch notes for this update can be found on the developer’s website.

While the focus on this update is cross-play between the Sony and Nintendo consoles, it is also available on PC and Xbox One. On the latter platform it’s even discounted by 40% and has a free trial right now.

We highly recommend everyone gives this game a shot as it’s a hell of a lot of fun with a bunch of friends. This cross-play addition means that you can have that fun even easier than before, as long as everyone isn’t fighting over who gets to be the skateboarding snake.