It’s a Monday morning, you’re in the office early to get ahead of the work you have for the week ahead.

Your notebook powers on perfectly and you open up Outlook only to see “Outlook data file cannot be accessed”. The colour drains from your face and the words “oh no” escape your lips in a hushed whisper.

While many folks have migrated to web-based email solutions, many more are still using email clients such as Outlook. The trouble is that Outlook stores all of its data in one file with the .PST extension. Should this file become corrupted by malware or being closed improperly, or simply becoming too large, it will fail to open and getting it back has been a headache one simply doesn’t want to contend with.

Microsoft offers its own Inbox Repair tool but this tool can encounter problems during the repair process which in turn can damage the already damaged PST file even further.

Should you currently be at this point and considering starting over from scratch we’re glad to tell you that there is another way to repair an Outlook PST file.

Remo Repair Outlook is an all-in-one repair utility which scan and fixes corrupt or damaged Outlook .PST files, easily.

The process is incredibly simple and you can see your files in the repair utility so that you have that added peace of mind. Remo Repair Outlook is able to repair a .PST to a point where you can see your folders, and emails just as they were before it all went awry. This means you won’t be needing to check the file after you’ve saved it and taken up precious storage capacity, only to find the repair wasn’t complete.

The software is also able to recover deleted items including notes, contacts, calendars and more during the repair process.

For added peace of mind, Remo Repair Outlook works on a copy of the .PST file so that the original file isn’t lost or damaged further.

With that having been said, the software can repair even the most corrupt files. A Normal Scan option will deal with any minor issues while the Smart Scan option will deal with the big ticket problems such as a corrupt PST.

With both a free and paid option for Remo Repair Outlook, the software is suited for home users who simply need to get their email back or a business trying to ensure continuity.

For more information contact Remo Software

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