With so many cybersecurity threats in the wild its a near impossibility to account for them all. What a business needs is clear guidance regarding what threats they should be looking out for.

Enter Kaspersky which has announced a new partnership with Arctic Security.

Together through this collaboration, Kaspersky Threat Data feeds will be baked into Arctic Security’s Arctic Hub platform. These feeds will help enterprise, service providers and managed service providers see up-to-date and relevant information regarding cyber threats.

“Kaspersky and Arctic Security share many joint customers within government and commercial cybersecurity centers, as well as managed security service providers. This makes the collaboration very important for us,” said Global Partners Manager at Kaspersky, Casper Teijema.

In a recent survey conducted by 451 Research commissioned by Kaspersky, 37 percent of information security executives said that there is to much security data to deal with and not a lot of it is actionable.

In order to guard against threats effectively, threat intelligence needs to be streamlined so that teams know where to look and how to guard against threats. Being able to sort through the noise then should surely be incredibly valuable to any business.

This includes threat intelligence on a country-by-country basis, a threat detector lookup and much more. You can read more about Kaspersky’s capabilities here.

“We at Kaspersky are devoted to providing actionable and reliable threat intelligence, and with the Arctic Hub solution it is even more convenient for our clients to gain access to our cyberthreat expertise,” said Teijema.

The hope is that this collaboration will assist more companies given the reach of both Arctic Security and Kaspersky.