Free to play fighting game Brawlhalla is currently running a limited time crossover event with the Tomb Raider franchise in which you’ll be able to play as two different versions of Lara Croft.

The two skins here are based on the character’s original design as well as the updated one seen in the reboot games by Crystal Dynamics. Both will be applied to the Brawlhalla character Diana, so those already familiar with playing as her can get going a bit faster.

“Each version of Lara includes two different weapon skins and special lock-in animations. Lara also comes with signature attack swaps, new sound effects, new lock-in effect, and a dedicated roster spot,” publisher Ubisoft writes in a blog post.

This event runs from now until 11th March and there’s a lot more on offer aside from two different types of Tomb Raiders to play.

There’s a new map to explore called Temple Ruins and a game mode called Temple Climb. The game’s main menu will get a makeover, extra currency will be awarded on login, new music is featured and there’s a themed podium that players can purchase.

Outside of Tomb Raider content there’s a slew of smaller updates, big fixes and quality of life changes which are covered in the patch notes.

Brawlhalla has become known for these crossover events with properties such as Adventure Time, Hellboy and Steven Universe receiving similar treatments in the past. It seems that any game borrowing heavily from Super Smash Bros. has to rope in characters from other titles.

Strangely enough the last time we talked about the Tomb Raider franchise on its own it was part of a special collection of stamps that were issued by the British Royal Mail in the UK. We have to wonder when a new solo game will be on the way.