Over the two days many South Africans were left frustrated when trying to make phone calls to landlines. This as Telkom suffered a network outage which first began on 25th February.

The result was that many businesses in particular could not facilitate calls from its customers, with the likes of Discovery opting to send out notifications that customers should instead use WhatsApp as a point of contact.

Earlier today, Openserve (which is a division of Telkom) posted an update to Facebook about the network outage, adding that the issues effecting the system has been resolved and full functionality has been restored.

“Voice service in the country was impacted owing to a multi-faceted fault condition that occurred on Openserve’s voice platform on 25 February,” the firm notes.

“The restoration process undertaken, since service was first disrupted, involved complex actions that were conducted both on the physical and logical layers of the voice platform. The Openserve Centre Operations team worked tirelessly with its platform vendor’s local and International experts to assist with repair,” it adds.

During the two-day long outage, Openserve says that the issue effected specific types of numbers in particular – SmartAccess.

“Members of the public who would have attempted dialling SmartAccess (largely 0800/0860/0861/0862) numbers were sometimes not able to establish a connection but will be able to now as services have returned to normal functionality,” the company highlights.

“Openserve and its vendor support team remain on high alert and continue monitoring to ensure that the platform remains stable,” the post concludes.

The past few weeks have been a frustrating one when it comes to connectivity, as the West Africa Cable System (WACS) breakage last month left many with limited or no internet connectivity.

Here’s hoping the worst is behind us in that regard.