Desktop Goose is spreading untitled chaos around the world

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Before January came to a close the world was introduced to Desktop Goose, a piece of fan software that intentionally caused havoc on your PC. Think Clippy or BonziBuddy, but even more irritating and themed after the bird from Untitled Goose Game.

Desktop Goose features an animated avian that walks across your screen tracking “mud” everywhere, randomly takes control of your mouse, opens Notepad to taunt you in writing, drags memes onto the screen and more.

Since its release creator Sam Chiet has improved on the programme with V0.2. Its three new features and a quick video of each can be seen here:

A small update is not the only bit of news here, however. During the initial launch Chiet mentioned that streamers and other content creators should get in contact so custom versions of it could be created so the goose would be less random and more entertaining.

Now that idea is being spun further with “Desktop Goose For Twitch” which would allow the bird to control chat.

On 1st February Chiet also shared that more than 250 000 people had downloaded the programme. As 1st February was at the start of the weekend we can only assume that this number has grown since then as people didn’t want to install this little experiment on work computers.

Well, some people did anyway. Apparently Desktop Goose made its way onto work servers and was seen by Brad Anderson, corporate vice president – commercial management experiences at Microsoft. Anderson helms Microsoft 365 deployment which is ironic here as Desktop Goose is partially inspired by the aforementioned Clippy, which came from Microsoft Office.

Desktop Goose can be downloaded for free from

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of