Eskom – No loadshedding today, but possibility has increased

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Eskom took to Twitter this morning, as it normally does, to update the country on the possibility of loadshedding today (19th February).

For the third day in a row the power utility has confirmed that it does not expect any loadshedding to happen today, but did warn that the possibility has increased due to the loss generating capacity as a result of unplanned outages. The company does note though that emergency reserves are currently at adequate levels.

As always Eskom advises its users that the system remains vulnerable, and consequently the situation regarding loadshedding can change at any time.

With loadshedding on the cards for the next 18 months, it looks like Eskom is trying to stick to a pattern of providing as much power as possible to the system during the week, and scheduling rotational loadshedding at the weekends.

If that is indeed the case, it is of course a less than ideal situation, but would prove better than the unpredictability of the past year of loadshedding.

We’re also awaiting word on when and how local municipalities can start generating their own power, especially as it would be interesting to see how much it would cost in relation to the current bills that Eskom sends our way.

In the interim though, we need to be energy conscience in a bid to keep the system as stable as possible.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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