NZXT reveals $350 case that looks a lot like the Xbox Series X

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When the Xbox Series X was revealed many remarked that the tall, slim design looked a lot like a PC case. Probably banking on that is manufacturer NZXT, which just unveiled the H1, which bears a striking resemblance to Microsoft’s upcoming console.

“The all-new NZXT H1 provides a beautifully small vertical chassis, maintaining full-sized GPU compatibility. The building experience is streamlined, with pre-routed cable channels and an integrated PSU and AIO liquid cooler. The dual-chamber exhaust layout maintains superior cooling for the CPU and GPU, providing each with a dedicated air source,” the official page for the new case reads.

You may have noticed the word “small” in the description there, as this is not an ATX tower. Instead the H1 is an ITX case which has a total volume of 13.6 litres.

This case is already for sale on NZXT’s US site where it is available in either matte black or matte white at $349.99 (~R5 350). While that is definitely expensive, the included power supply, cooler and GPU riser do a lot to make this a more reasonable purchase.

The announcement of the case on Twitter reveals some interesting pieces of information in the replies.

Firstly is the Xbox comparison. When one user pointed out the similarities NZXT replied rather sheepishly with a tweet simply reading “who? ;)”. Next up is the price with those not wanting to pay for those included components and would rather just get a bare case. Another reply states that the company would consider selling such a product if there was enough demand.

Regardless of this case’s inspiration or its price, we have to admit that we do like what we see here. You can see more glamour shots on the previously mentioned dedicated site, and there’s even a fancy trailer to go along with the announcement, embedded below.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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