Steam updates how you search for games

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Steam continues to add new features to its platform through its Labs initiative with the latest round of updates coming in the form of change to searches.

The next time you look up a game on Steam or do a random search on its store you will notice some new additions to narrow or broaden the scope of what you’re looking for.

The first of these is “narrow by price” which allow you to change how much you’re willing to spend on a game. By default it is set to display all prices, but using a slider you can adjust this. A check box can also be clicked to display only titles which are currently on sale.

Thankfully for those of us with regional pricing this feature is adapted to display the correct currency. For example, in South Africa, the feature will move in increments of R50 from free games up to R600 before rolling back over to the “Any Price” setting.

Next up is tags which show stuff like game genre and content. This starts blank with all tags being included but you can then specify exactly which tags you’d like to see in the search. Tags can also be excluded by by hitting the small “-” button next to a tag name, so you can finally escape the deluge of anime novel games… or see exclusively them.

While not bunched in with tags, there’s a specific section to narrow by VR titles, choosing to display VR titles only or games that support VR.

Narrow by preferences is the next batch of additions offering three options: hide ignored items, hide items in my library and hide items on my wishlist. All quite self-explanatory.

Narrow by language is now also included. “If you’re using Search in a language other than English, then your language will be shown first in the language filter control, and that control will be moved to near the top of the search page,” the announcement reads.

Finally search now features infinite scrolling, much like most websites out there. For those of us who hate this feature every time it pops up, the old page-based search function can be turned on again using the Store Preferences page.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of