After releasing exclusively on the PlayStation 4 on 8th November 2019, Death Stranding will become available on PC later this year when 2nd June 2020 rolls around.

This was announced by publisher 505 Games who will be handling this version of the game along with developer Kojima Productions.

“The PC edition features Photo Mode, high frame rate, ultra-wide monitor support & content from Valveā€™s Half-Life!” 505 Games announced on Twitter.

A bit of said Valve content is shown off in the very short trailer embedded below. It looks to be just cosmetic items right now with a Headcrab hat and red valve that pops out of Sam’s head.

A photo mode is the feature that original game didn’t have, leaving early PlayStation 4 players hoping that this version is migrated to console at some point.

Those worried about store exclusivity will be happy to see that it isn’t just Valve’s platform Steam that will be getting the game, as it is launching on the Epic Games Store at the same time. Regardless of where you buy Death Stranding on PC it has not received a discount and remains a full fat $60 game (R999.95 on Steam) when it comes out in June.

Some would have hoped that the delay in coming to PC – around eight months – would have shaved a bit of the price off, but that’s not the case.

Regardless you can click around the Steam page, Epic Games Store page and the new 505 Games website for the title to see a bit more about this port, as well as pre-order if you’re so inclined.

Pre-orders do net you some bonuses like the soundtrack and in-game items, but we always recommend against it. Even if you played the game on PS4 and want to go through again, it’s better to at least wait for initial coverage on the port to see if it runs smoothly.

On the website you’ll find some mobile wallpapers and ringtones in the downloads section. It’s been years since we used the term “ringtone”, but maybe that section of the site was caught in a Timefall or something.

If you’re completely out of the loop when it comes to Death Stranding check out our review from the original launch. This game is unlike most and is probably not what you expect it to be when you sit down to play, even if you’ve been keeping up with trailers and let’s plays before now.